About Us

We created Performer 8 because we believe a man’s sexual wellness is more complex than just a “blood flow” problem. 

When we looked at the market and saw what was being offered to help men improve their bedroom performance, we were frustrated.

All we saw were low-grade supplements with ridiculous claims being sold from sites that are not safe for work. 

We wanted to create a new class of male enhancement for the modern man that takes his sexual health seriously.

Thanks to the support from the world’s leading nutritionists in male health, we formulated the only herbal complex formula made with 9 perfectly measured natural ingredients.

Once these powerful ingredients are built-up within the body’s system, our synergistic blend begins to support complete sexual wellness that men can begin to feel and see in just a few weeks’ time — no doctor’s visit or telemedicine required.

Made With Only High-Grade Quality Ingredients

We do not sacrifice quality for bigger margins. 

We pride ourselves on our unique formula made with only natural ingredients and herbs that are backed by science for their male enhancement abilities. 

We have spent countless hours testing and re-testing to get the premium formula just right so that it works for every man looking to improve their bedroom performance.